ERC20换TRC20( optimistic of another record year

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KUALA LUMPUR: Pentamaster Corp Bhd is optimistic about achieving another record year in 2022, while mindful of the current headwinds in derailing its delivery order on hand according to the scheduled timeline.

“Over the long run, the group’s growth initiatives are guided by its ‘Grand Roadmap & Key Focus 2022-2025’, which aims towards achieving a solid and sustainable business growth through the implementation of its various core strategies that includes product innovation, expansion and diversification, segmental and geographical diversification, supply chain ecosystem development as well as capacity and capabilities building,” the Penang-based automation solution provider said.

Pentamaster said as it entered into the second half of 2022, it believed it is entering a period of encouraging growth on the back of its strong order fulfillment in tandem with its key segments focus that is largely driven by the wave of the underlying major global trends.

It said the ubiquity of semiconductors and fast intelligence microprocessors coupled with the application of optics and photonics has provided the group the optimism for its sustainable long-term prospects.




In the second quarter ended June 30, Pentamaster posted a net profit of RM19.2mil, up 7.05% from RM17.94mil. Its earnings per share for the quarter rose to 2.70 sen against 2.52 sen previously.

Revenue for the period rose 15.8% to RM151.34mil from RM130.65mil.

Pentamaster’s revenue was contributed mainly by the automated test equipment and factory automation solutions segments, with each constituting approximately 72.7% and 27.3%respectively of the group’s total revenue in the current quarter.

For the first half of 2022, Pentamaster posted a net profit of RM39.6mil, or 5.56 sen earnings per share on revenue of RM297.37mil.

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